Mega Downloader

MegaDownloader is a free, high-speed file download manager that can help you to organize and automate files of the most popular cloud storage platform MegaDownloader have a very simple and clean user friendly interface which will allow you to perform several actions easily and quickly to manage cloud storage for occasional users , but it also provides a gateway for enthusiasts and professional users who want to trust on to be their remote backup storage location, one online stop for hosting files for business collaboration or even streamline enjoyment of multimedia files with built-in support for reproducing downloaded video files (with the help of the VLC plugin).

Features of Mega Downloader:
  • MegaDownloader is a lightweight app that can be installed on your PC in mere seconds.
  • Have a very simple and clean user friendly interface
  • Supporting large number of files to download, even support parallel downloads.
  • Support for segmented download for each file – Boost the download speed by downloading several segments of each file at the same time.
  • Download files of all sizes – From several KB to several GB,  Mega Downloader can handle them all..
  • Integrated support for video streaming – Integration with VLC video player can enable you to directly playback video files that are being streamed from
  • Available for all modern versions of Windows OS, on desktop PCs, laptops and tablets.
  • No Ads!


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